Marketing Strategy

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Smart marketing means messaging that is targeted, clear,
and compelling.

  • You have a superior product or service that you know there is a need for, yet you can't seem to get the word out to the right people to make the phone start ringing.
  • You launched a new software product that should be saving your company bundles by automating client interface, but the Help desk is costing you a fortune because the documentation isn't user-friendly.
  • You're a growing company on a tight budget, so you've drafted copy for a brochure, content for your web site, and some employee communications in-house. But now you're having second thoughts… does the messaging have the right tone? Is it correct grammatically? Will it produce the response we're hoping for?
  • You're starting a new business and you know you'll need a web site. You don't want it to look homemade, but you're leery of the cost of working with a big agency.

Let Bright Arrow Marketing be your Communication Consultant, Copywriter, Editor, or Ghost Writer. We'll discuss your objectives, then take your information and ideas and make sure they convey the right message to the right audience via the cross-media mix in a manner that produces the results you need.

Your credibility is on the line when you're producing copy and broadcasting it to your target audience. You'd be surprised how many marketing agencies have web sites with grammatical errors and incorrect usage. At Bright Arrow, we know the difference in it's and its, and we're as persnickety about punctuation as your 8th grade English teacher.