Marketing Strategy

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Smart marketing means equipping everyone in your organization
to be a marketer.

It's true. Every contact anyone in your company has with a current, past, or potential client or supplier is a marketing opportunity.

That's why it is critical for everyone in your company to be informed about your branding, your marketing strategy, and their role in making your company successful.

Bright Arrow Marketing can help—by providing training and coaching. Examples you may want to consider:

One-on-one coaching:

  • You're a sole proprietor and have a good marketing sense, but never took courses or had any formal training. You'd like to understand our process better and pick up some tips so that you can take over the marketing yourself at some point.
  • You have a key employee that understands the business and is a quick study when it comes to taking on new responsibilities. You'd like us to train her to start assuming some of the implementation functions and work with her on a personal development plan to become the first Marketing Associate at your company.

Small group workshops and working sessions:

  • You'd like to involve your whole management team in the strategy process. We can facilitate brainstorming sessions, strategy discussions, segmentation workshops, and other learning and strategic planning meetings.

Support for your in-house training events:

  • We can help you assess your training needs, develop a curriculum, recruit trainers, facilitate learning sessions, and develop and produce job aids and participant manuals.