Marketing Strategy

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Smart marketing means setting goals and achieving them efficiently
and affordably.

Whether you’re a new business startup, a sole proprietor or service provider, a growing business, or a well-established firm in need of a fresh approach, it’s essential that you

  • define your market position
  • articulate your value proposition
  • devise a strategic plan

so that you can get the most mileage for your marketing dollars.

Marketing Strategy Packages:
In addition to a la carte services, we offer these packages of services, which are priced according to the scope of your needs:

Jump Start Plan

For: Businesses needing a short-term boost or refreshed approach
Includes: review of current and recent programs; strategy and tactics for boosting business in the next 90-180 days, budget and timetable development.

Brand Builder

For: New businesses or current businesses entering new markets, offering new product lines, or needing re-vamping or re-positioning
Includes: Naming and tag line, logo/identity package, look and feel, kickoff/launch plan.

Marketing Strategy & Communication Audit

For: Businesses with or without marketing departments who want a professional, objective review of their current marketing approach and tactics
Includes: Review and evaluation of your current marketing objectives and performance, strategies, and programs; recommendations for improvements and updates; learning plan.

Marketing Plan

For: All businesses
Includes: Components based on the size and needs of your business, and range from a basic Marketing Brief for very small businesses, to a comprehensive plan including Situation Analysis, Issues and Opportunities, Segmentation and Targeting, Positioning, Branding, Objectives, Strategies, Programs & Measurements, and Implementation Calendar.