Marketing Strategy

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Smart marketing means flexibility and value for you.

Every company is different, and every project is different. That’s why we offer several ways you can engage and work with us.

Project-based. We’ll meet with you and scope out your project; then we’ll give you a proposal and estimate the fees and expenses. We ask for one-third down payment before starting work, one-third at a major milestone, and then the final third within 30 days of project conclusion.

Retainer. This arrangement works best when you have a number of ongoing projects and responsibilities for which you need assistance. Under this arrangement, you engage us for a set number of hours per month at a set fee per month, paid in advance.

Hourly. For smaller projects, or ongoing follow-up and consulting on an as-needed basis, the simplest is often the ideal solution. We bill you at the end of each month for fees incurred. We can even work within a maximum threshold and notify you when we are approaching that threshold so you can decide whether to continue at the current pace or slow down the process to accommodate budget constraints.

Our selective use of contractors means quality work and sensible pricing.

We maintain a roster of talented, hand-picked experts to fill in when needed. This keeps our overhead low and means that we can custom select the right talent for your project. Our auxiliary talent is priced and billed as follows:

  • We do not mark up their services: we pass the cost directly to you.
  • We do bill you an hourly rate for managing the outside services.
  • As an alternate, you may choose to have the contract vendor bill you directly.

In all cases, our terms are net 30.

We also offer some packaged services. Please see our Services page for details.